What are the plug and socket?

Actually, plug and socket are two specified words for making the connection of electricity. These two devices help in making the connection of any appliances with the A.C voltage. The structure is the same, but the shape varies a lot. The plug is called the male part and it has pins on the front side. The socket is called the female part. The number of pins on the plug varies from case to case. Sometimes, you need a higher voltage to run heavy machines in the factory; thus there is more number of pins. This can also vary if you need the extra earth pin that is used for safety purposes.

Having an earth connection is a safe choice:

You can easily earth all your devices so that you and your loved ones get saved from the dangers of electricity. The process is really simple. You just need to connect a wire to all your appliances. After that, dig the wire under the ground by using an iron rod at the bottom. Technicians also say that you should use some mixture of liquids at the bottom. This also helps to protect your expensive devices. Your devices get saved from the shocks of electricity. The Power strip “DATA” [เต้ารับ เต้าเสียบ which is the term in thai] helps you in making the required connection.

Why universal sockets are not much safer?

Although universal sockets allow the usage of many types of devices but these universal sockets are not fulfilling the safety requirements. There is “a lack of protection because there is no earth connection on the universal sockets. Also, you will see that in case of some plugs, the live wires remain outside the socket. That is really hazardous. This creates a real danger as live wire carries all the current. Anyone that gets in contact with the power plug for PC [เต้ารับ ไฟฟ้า which is the term in thai] will be at a great danger.