Various Factors To Be Taken Into Account While Selecting Backpacks

It’s time for back to school and it means loads of shopping for the kids and lots of expenses for the parents. You will be buying variety of items during this season and one of the important items in your list is likely to be school backpacks. Selecting the school bags for your kids could be fun and when you check the models in the online wholesale backpacks stores along with your kids you would notice your kids getting excited and yes it could be lot of fun. While it is fun buying the backpacks for teens and kids, it is also important that you make the right choices. What are the different factors that one should take into account while buying the kids school bags?

At the wholesale backpack store you are likely to come across numerous models and designs. Not all the models and designs would be suitable for you. You are required to identify the best quality backpacks and number of factors determine the quality. The material used for the backpacks will decide how long the backpack would last. Some materials would not last for more than just few months especially with the rough handling of the backpacks by the kids. The stitches should be made of industrial grade thread. If it is not done with industrial grade thread, the backpack would open up when your kids load the bag with books.

When it comes to the design of the backpack you need to focus on number of factors. Firstly, the size of the backpack should match the age and the grade of the kids. An important rule of thumb is that the backpacks should never be broader than shoulder of the kid carrying.  The shoulder straps should be large enough and should be adjustable. When adjusted it should remain in the adjusted position should not be loosened after sometime. If the locking system is not of the good quality this would happen and you would find your kids constantly adjusting the strap length.

Next comes the design of the backpack that you are buying. The backpack should have enough compartments. This is important at two levels. Firstly, it will help your kids organize the books better and secondly it will also help in better weight distribution.

In case your kids need to carry laptops then your backpacks should also have a compartment suitable for carrying laptops. These days, teenagers carry laptops and you might want to keep this factor in mind while buying the backpacks.

Do not forget to check the quality of the zippers used in the backpack because it is going to be used several times every day. The zippers should be of top notch quality. If the zipper is not of the right quality then you would be forced to look for replacement within a few months. So you better pay extra attention to the zippers of the backpacks because this is where many parents make mistakes.