Tips for Conducting Perfect Screen Printing on Shirts

There are various kinds of screen printing. This is one of the popular and demanding ways of printing designs on fabrics. It is mostly used by Textile industrialists and fashion designers. When this kind of printing is used on custom clothing like t-shirts, which are customer friendly, then it is called as custom screen printing. This way of printing is generally used for shirts which are considered as a casual wear.  Although screen printing over shirts are easier and have a long lasting effect but there are certain precautions that should be taken while conducting the procedure. 

Every thing in the procedure is easy if the precautions are kept in mind. Here are some of the pro tips that my make the custom printing go smoothly. 

  • Explore– exploring is an important part. Exploring the nature and surrounding gives good ideas that might be good for designing. A concept about the design should be formed before the final task.
  • Imagination– creativity is what a designer should possess. The design itself made should be simple and shower which is more appreciated.
  • Personality– while designing on the shirts it should be known for which gender it is designed or whether the person in an adult or a child. The design impacts the personality of the person.
  • Colours– every person has different colour taste and colour choice should be kept in the mind. If the colour is not mentioned then the design should be made accordingly so that it has some link with the colour and look of the person.
  • Excellent printer- above all, one thing that should be taken care of is the working of the printer and the inks used. If the printer does not work properly then this might disrupt the design made.

Custom screen printing has always added a great and unique visual effect which makes the product look outstanding. The ways and techniques used should be known and practiced well for becoming a well known designer.