Things to Check before Buying New Heels

Tired of wearing your old boring heels and looking for something which can help you to get rid of unwanted blisters? Well, if you are the one who loves the look of the heels, you need to very particular about the comfort level which your heels are providing. For checking out beautiful and comfortable heels, explore FlashyBox.

It is because if your heels are not comfortable enough, blisters might pay you to visit. So, here is a short guide which can help you to get the right heels for your feet from the category of newest women’s heels designs.

1.   The Shape of the Heels:

The first thing which comes to your mind while buying perfect shaped high heels, Stilettos are the most appropriate option. Although it has an amazing look, stilettos can be a matter of discomfort too. When you are wearing stilettos, you need to balance on a sharp point. This causes unwanted pain on the ankles and knees.

So, if you want to get rid of this unwanted pain, it is better if you pick up a wider heel. Opting for wedges, stacked heels, chunky heels or spool heels would rather provide you more stability and comfort while walking.

2.   Size of the Heels:

It is very important to check the size of the heels before buying it if you want to wear it on a regular basis. While picking up the right heel for yourself, try taking something of around three inches or lower. If you are looking for more height, it is better if you take up the option of a platform heel. It is because the platform would add up to the height without actually increasing the size of the heels.

3.   Toe Shape In Case Of Heel Shoes:

Well, this is another important factor which you need to check before buying your favorite pair of shoe. It is recommended to pick for less pointed toe as they are comparatively more comfortable.

Wearing sharp toe along with high heels looks classy and sexy but is likely to get your toes scrunched together. Instead of the sharp toe, try going for an almond shaped toe. As it is less pointy, it turns out more comfortable and easy to wear. Round toes are also a great option for the same.

You can look for the newest women’s heels designs on the FlashyBox and choose the most comfortable and elegant heel for your regular use. However, it is advised to walk around wearing the new pair of shoes before buying to check if it is comfortable or not.