The Price of Prescriptions Medications in the US Is Much Too Expensive

We all know that prescription medications in the United States are very high priced. If you find any coupon code or promo code on the internet for your pharmacy, you should be sure to save them to use to save you money.


There is a website GoodRx that strives every day to gather accurate, reliable and trustworthy information about health and prescription medications. They know that drug prices are much too high, and they want to help. They do this by gathering prices from over 70,000 pharmacies across the United States in order to bring to you up dated information about drugs, their cost and how you can save.

How they work

Our team of experts including doctors as well as pharmacists to data scientists and economists; scour for the internet for research and news from the FDA as well as other ways to bring the latest news about medications and your health. Over 10 million Americans trust this website to help them find better information and prices each month. Since they opened in 2011, they have helped individuals save more than $9 billion in prescription medication expenses. They use an app that is ranked as #1 in the category or medical at Google Play as well as Apple’s App Store. Over 1/3 of doctors mention GoodRx to their patients.


Prescription medication prices are not controlled in any way. The cost of a drug can differ by over $100 between drug pharmacies that are only a block away from each other. And insurance is not helping any more. In the last 10 years, insurance have begun passing 25-80% of the cost of medications onto the patients. Many patients that live near the border of Canada will get prescriptions filled there. It seems that every country has cheaper drug prices than the United States does.

How does GoodRx Help?

GoodRx collects the current prices as well as discounts for prescriptions to help their members find the lowest cost pharmacy for getting prescriptions filled. The average customer using GoodRx saves over $276 a year on their prescriptions. This app is 100% free and no personal information is required.

About the app

This app works as follows:

  • Collect as well as compare prices for all FDA-approved prescription medication at the 70,000 US drug stores.
  • Find coupons that are free to use at the pharmacy.
  • Show the lowest price for each prescription drug to the pharmacy that you use.