Pearls are Best Gift to Be Given to Loved Ones on Special Occasions

Natural pearls are getting extinct because it takes many years for its formation. Hence, farmers started cultivating pearls in order to meet the market’s demand. Farmers wait till oysters are big enough to insert an irritant in it. This irritant is generally a rice or sand grain. These oyster shells are left under the ocean, sea, river, pond or lake beds for days.

When it is time to harvest, the pearls are taken out carefully without causing any harm or killing the oysters. These creatures are then left in water for some days to heal and used again for harvesting.

Why do you think pearl is a favourite gem of every women? It is because of its look, lustre and shape that give a romantic and subtle feeling. After wearing a pearl necklace a women looks royal and elegant. This is one gemstone that can complement any attire. There are many accessories that are prepared for pearls. However, if you’re planning to gift your loved one marvellous piece on valentines, engagement or wedding, then look for these options in jewellery stores –

  • A gorgeous necklace with pink pearls each separated with golden balls and studded with diamonds is an elegant piece.
  • If you’re proposing for marriage or getting all prepared for engagement, then go for pink pearl ring that is tied studded on sterling silver adjustable ring. No women can deny your proposal.
  • Pearl isn’t only for formal look, but it can also complement different ethnic wears. Buy a drop shaped earring that has clusters of white pearls in it.
  • If you have disappointed your better half last year on valentines, then cover it up this year by gifting her three layers pearl choker with a sparkling gem studded in centre.
  • If you’re loved one is quite fashionable and changes her style with current trends, then go for unique colors in pearls instead of same old white shades. Try an arrangement of white and golden or black and white double layered pearl necklace.

Pearls aren’t limited to just one design or colors. There are different options online and at the local jewelry store. Customizing is also available in case you want something special and unique for your loved one.