Morganite engagement rings- the best you can have at your wedding.

The pale pink beryl gemstone is one of its kinds. While the rest beryl gemstones are colorless, morganite is tinted pink. The variations of color distinguish the colored members of the beryl family. In the case of morganite, it is manganese that is primarily responsible for the tint. A little lithium and cesium are also present in this incredible gemstone and contribute to the stone’s color. The discovery of this stone is dated back to the 19th century, and Madagascar is the first location where it came into public acknowledgment. J.P Morgan is known as the collector of the gemstone, and the stone is known after the name of the collector. Morganite is now available in all corners of the globe, including Namibia, Russia, the USA, and Russia. When it comes to brilliance, shine and cuts of morganite, Afghanistan is one of the shining names above all.

In aesthetical terms, morganite rings are recommended by astrologers to aim for a better calm and healed mind. It is also believed that morganites are best for nerve diseases and brain disorders, and often have been effective against stressed minds. This gemstone does not create any skin diseases, and thus when it is your engagement or wedding, morganite engagement rings can make perfect choices.

Properties of this beautiful beryl gemstone         

Morganite rings are lovely substitutes for pricey diamonds. There are enough benefits to choosing morganite over diamonds. However, there is a very negative notion about morganites that they are fake diamonds. But they are a real gemstone of their kind. Chemically natural morganites have equal or the same chemical details and visual aspects as lab-grown varieties. Due to the rarity of this distinct pink gemstone, recent day morganites are all human-made varieties.

The internal characters of this beryl stone are quite alluring and exceptional.

Hardness– The Mohs scale rating of morganite is 7.5 to 8, which is not at all a lousy score compared to other available stones. However, if compared with a diamond, it tends to be softer, as a diamond has a full score of 10 on 10. But, if taken properly, your morganite ring can last for a lifetime. This high durability makes it a perfect choice, just like a diamond, for the best-designed jewelry.

Treatments– The gorgeous tint of pink, orange, and sometimes purple of this stone contributes mainly to the goal recognition and popularity of this gemstone. More importantly, this pink hue is more than just a favorite for ladies out there. Morganites rings are highly in demand among ladies. The subtle tone it oozes out signifies that it has never been into high flames ever. The stone radiates out this beautiful hue and makes it one of the most scintillating gemstones of the planet. Standard treatment measures are followed to bring out the best shine of the stone, without decreasing the hue or tint.

The Steffy Oval Morganite Engagement Ring – samNsue

Grading and Quality attributes of morganite rings

Apart from having a beautiful aura of pink and purple, the morganite is blessed with incredible clarity and sharp cuts.

Color– When it is the color of the stone, it is good to know that morganite is pleochroic. When viewed under a bright line, it radiates out pink and purple tints and is also clean. The morganite stones are inclusion free, and also serve a clean-eye. This feature counts on the fact that when a morganite is viewed from proximity, the very tiny inclusions are not visible in bare eyes.

Clarity– The clarity of this stone is also a significant aspect to consider when it is a morganite on the page. Like aquamarines, morganites do not possess many inclusions and thus are super clean. The clean-eye gemstone is crystalline and transparent, displaying a polished and vitreous dazzle and luster. The inclusion-free morganites are considered of the best quality of the gems of the family.

Cut- To bring out the best shine and clarity of the gemstone, morganite stones are beautifully faceted. These facets allow incredible reflection of lights in all directions, thereby increasing the dazzle of the stone. The best morganite, ever found on the planet, weighed nearly 600 carats and was highly faceted. It was a crystal from Madagascar.

The gemstone can be given a wide variety of shapes. Round and oval happen to be the most commonly found shapes, whereas morganite rings can also have shapes like heart, trillion, and even briolette. Often to showcase the incredible dazzle, morganites are simply polished but not faceted. This technique enhances the cat-eye effect of this rare stone.

Carat- When the dimension of morganites stones is considered there are various sizes available or required in the market. Based on the carat specifications, morganites are of A, AA, AAA, and AAAA types. This system of classification only serves when morganite engagement rings or other jewelry is considered.

Heirloom (AAAA) – This category of morganite is rare and comprises a maximum of 1% of the entire collection available. This is considered the best-ever morganite in the whole planet.

Best (AAA) – An estimated ratio of roughly 10% of the entire collection of morganite is the best quality. It showcases a mild peach tone that is highly liked by women.

Better (AA) – When it comes to the quality of the stone, 33% of the total population of morganite caters to this category. This variety is a light peach to pink in color and has very few inclusions.

Good (A) – The maximum amount of morganite present on the planet is of this variety. Nearly 75% of the total population is of this variety.

Caretaking your morganite

Taking care of your morganite is quite essential to ensure that you have this incredibly beautiful stone in your hand for a longer time. Mild soap water and a simple toothbrush can meet all the requirements. Morganites are not very friendly with harsh chemicals. Thus, keeping them away from chemical ingredients is the best attempt to keep it safe. Exposure of morganite rings to high temperatures can tend the color to fade away over time. Also, morganite is softer than diamonds; thus, it has a higher risk of getting scratched. Therefore safe and secure handling is recommended for a morganite.