How Mystery Shopping Can Help in Building a Company Culture

Your company culture plays an important role in determining how your organisation performs. Your people must work together as efficiently as possible so your company can do business effectively. There are many ways your company can use mystery shopping to establish company culture.

Gaining Transparency

Transparency within your organisation is essential in forming a company culture that encourages employee engagement. This results in better overall interactions with customers by making your people aware of their roles in your company. Each of your employees must know what their tasks are so your company performs better and pay more attention to your customers. The concept of transparency is especially applicable to brands with a lot of locations.

Mystery shopping service from Premier Service offers insights into your company’s front lines and your organisation itself. The data collected comes from the perspective of customers and can offer insight into the departments that are performing well and those that need more attention.

Mystery shopping service screens and chooses their mystery shoppers with great care to make sure that they match the desired customer profile. Some shoppers match any type of requirement so any industry can use them.


Your company can use recognition to establish a culture that encourages engagement. Mystery shopping programs let you make a fact-based decision on the performance of your employees. These programs provide results that lead to recognition which can improve employee performance or boost their morale. Mystery shopping is a market tool to help companies make decisions based on complete information. This can result in the satisfaction of your employees. Satisfied employees will work hard to ensure customer satisfaction.


Competition can also encourage employee engagement and mystery shopping can help in fueling this attitude within your company. Giving your people access to the scores that mystery shoppers are giving them may cause them to desire to be on top. You can further encourage competition among your people by giving rewards on top of recognition to deserving employees. This will make your staff happier and ensure your best performer will retain their passion and competitive edge.

There are many ways mystery shopping offers value to your company.  It gives information that you can use for crafting a customer experience that leads the industry you are in. But, aside from improving how customers interact with your brand, mystery shopping offers information that can directly affect how your employees perceive your workplace.