How does your camping attire make your trip more beneficial?

The clothes that you wear to camp are of utmost importance. The camp may be for a week end or more but you have to be well prepared to be comfortable throughout the trip. The clothing that is preferred is the one that will be layered and will be able to protect you from the varied weather conditions.

Important factors for camping clothes

The basic necessity for camping attire is functionality. This means that the clothes that you wear has to be moisture- wicking and that which dries quickly. The fabric has to be such that it would protect you from sun and wind. The antimicrobial feature will be able to prevent you from the insects and the ticks. The campers prefer less weight and comfortable packing. Hence they buy only light weight clothes that are also very soft and comfortable.

The choice of fabric is also a matter of concern:

  • The ultra- fine merino wool is one of the choices of the campers as camping attire. They are itch free and area breathable. It also wicks the moisture off from the attire and dries very fast.
  • Polyester or nylon is also a good choice as these fabrics are durable and quick drying. You can find excellent pants and shirts that are very comfortable.
  • Silk is another option but is preferred only during cool weather conditions. The latest trend is for treated silk that is modifies chemically. It has the qualities to enhance wicking and is extremely soft and has a luxurious layer.

The clothes that are worn during the camping period have to be environment-friendly. You have to just rinse them and it will get dried easily. The camping becomes more interesting if you manage to prepare a complete backpack with proper clothes and related accessories. You can buy these things either form a reputed store or online.