Hot Shoe Trends You Want to Try in 2020

As we continue to launch into the new year—nay, the new decade—no one would blame you for wanting to rock a fresh pair of shoes that offer highlight your fashion sense and provide comfort. Step up your footwear game with these trendy shoes.

Sporty Footwear

Athleisure-inspired shoes such as sneakers are still in style because our feet love them. This sporty trend takes two forms this year. On the one hand, we see the quintessential, sporty looks that remind us of the hiking footwear that our dads favored. Cushioned soles, Velcro, and high-tech materials characterize the style that define this shoe. On the other hand, chunky sneakers are re-emerging in their pared-back forms. The women who buy these shoes want a sleek, modern sneaker than prioritizes practicality and comfort.

Pointy knee-high stiletto boots

Last fall, these boots made street style rounds, and they are now making their way to influencer status. This year has seen shoes of this type emerge at every price point. You may have your popular fashion icons and tastemakers donning the footwear. Pointy knee-high stiletto boots are becoming an increasingly popular fashion item that’s set to inspire shoe collections in 2020. You can get these shoes at high-end collections or find a wallet-friendly version.

Square Toes

Admittedly, this trend takes a bit of getting used to. But once you’re on board, you can’t stop wearing these shoes. And that’s a good thing because square toes are still one of the top trends in women’s footwear. Be it mesh mules from Bottega Veneta or Wandler’s two-toned boots, this modern version of a style popular in the ‘90s still feels accessible without losing its freshness. It is for this reason that this shoe style has quickly gone from high-fashion to everyday wear.

Lug Soles

Chunky soles are not out of season. We continue to see Instagram influencer wear heavy boots or creeper shoes from 2019 high-fashion collections. As we go further into 2020, this trend of clunky shoes seems to be picking up momentum. Be it a platform loafer or combat boots, the lug sole has maintained both its fashion appeal and functionality. Clunky log soles dramatize almost any outfit. You can pair them with boyfriend jeans or a floral midi dress.

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