Fun Ideas for a Hen’s Night on a Budget


Are you trying to organise a cheap hens night? Please note that cheap doesn’t have to be boring. You can still have lots of fun and yet have money left over to spend on a great wedding gift. Here are some ideas to pull that off.

Play Party Games

Games are a great way to save money while having fun. You can find games along with other hens night supplies. They don’t cost a lot and yet they leave everyone in good spirits. It may, however, be important to get everyone relaxed first before you can enjoy some of the games.

Party at Home

You can have a cheap hens night if you stay at home. There’s no need for an expensive venue or a pricey dinner. Have everyone bring something for the night and then play games and chat the night away. It is possible to do at home just about everything you would do out.

Do Your Own Decoration 

Decorating a venue can become expensive if you have to hire someone to do it. If instead, you bought your decorations and then put them up, you will save money considerably. It also gives a chance to all the bride’s friends to bond before the party.

Don’t Book

If you want to have fun at a bar, there is no reason to book a table or a private room. Just show up early and get seats then let the fun begin. You can wear props to make the night special and there’s a high chance you will even get free drinks from a few of the gentlemen around.

What matters most about the party is that the bride and her friends are present and they’re having fun. A few fun supplies and drinks can ensure just that.