Fine T Shirts for the Perfect Choices

This is also what can be found in the vast majority of collections. From the moment that we pass on a heavier weight, more than 160 grams, we must expect to have a t-shirt of a better quality of material and weaving. Be careful, a light t-shirt is not necessarily a bad quality t-shirt. Thus, for graphic t-shirts, we will prefer a larger weight, especially for the impression has a better rendering.

Small trucker’s tip:

In case of high heat, opt for a rather thick semi-thick t-shirt instead of a thin T-shirt, but close to the body. Indeed, it may very quickly turn into a shirt, while the first option allows having a piece that will last more than one summer. You can also go for the mimi and gigi shirts now.

Take a look at the finishes

Even if fitting a t-shirt may seem simple at first, it is actually much more complex. Once the t-shirt is in your hands, it is important to focus on some elements that compose it. Starting with the collar, the overcasting, and then the band of cleanliness.

The neck

Once worn, the collar should have a nice fall to the neck, flat, in other words, it should not turn or give an impression of irregularity. Otherwise, it is not necessarily a good sign, it is better to go without hesitation. Unlike a shirt that recommends paying attention to the number of seams per centimeter, this is not necessarily the case for a t-shirt. Indeed, apart from the aesthetic, this finish will not prevent your mesh from moving. Some t-shirts like the one below have a round neckline finished with a ribbing, which is both a practical element, since it facilitates the passage of the head through an elastic mesh, and an aesthetic element for finalize the top of the garment. You can visit the sites and see more pictures here.


The silage is the part of the seam present at the edges of the piece. Thus, it is found at the bottom of the t-shirts, sleeves or inside the collar. Overcasting is a rather important element as it simply prevents the different pieces of cut fabric from tipping. To take a look, do not hesitate to return the room and check their strength.

The cleanliness band

Last but not least, the clean band (also called “reinforcement band”), a yoke located at the inside of the t-shirt (specifically on the neck). It must be well plated and regular. As the name suggests, it will protect the t-shirt including perspiration, but also bring some comfort. On some pieces, there will be a band of cleanliness at the shoulders.

The different t-shirts

Today, the t-shirt, like most other pieces of our dressing room is consumed in several cuts, oversize for some, slim-fit for others, not to mention the famous V-neck t-shirt, each alternative must be well mastered for an irreproachable look. Case could not be truer for the famous t-shirt V-neck, the flagship piece of reality TV men. Not to mention the pocket t-shirt, the long-sleeved shirt, or the graphic. In short, we will here define the different t-shirts that can be found on the market.