Different Types of a Diamond Proposal Ring

A few decisions in our life is the most constant thing that you are going to experience. Therefore, it is essential to think it through before deciding as such. One of such choices that are going to stay with you for the rest of your eternity is your decision of getting married. Though the process might seem to be exciting and comfortable, a lot of hard work goes in to make this successful endeavour.

The first and foremost things to do before walking down the aisle is to find the perfect proposal ring.

To make your work a lot easier here are a few types of diamond proposal ring:

·        Classic Solitaire

People often say that diamond is a woman’s best friend and what can be better than proposing your better half with the classic solitaire diamond proposal ring [แหวน เพชร งาน แต่ง, which is the term in Thai]. It is indeed gorgeous and beautiful and does the work of expressing modernity along with tradition. This kind of ring as very simple and yet beautiful of its own kind.

·        The Cushion

This style of proposal rings is extremely popular amongst women of this era. Fortunately, this style has rarely left the market due to its beauty and sophisticated looks that it has to offer. It is a circular cut diamond cushioned amongst various small little diamonds all its sides.

·        Pear-Shaped

Who doesn’t like a diamond that shapes like a pear? They are antique as well as regal in their style of their own. The incredible thing about this kind of diamond ring is that it can either be complete it as just one piece or can be cushioned up with other little bits of a diamond.

·        Princess Cut

Considered to be one of the finest styles of proposal ring to ever dominate the market, princess cut style is the one to go for that is going to be the best probable option. It is a square shaped diamond which either can be individually used or combined with other diamonds on each side.

·        Coloured

Coloured diamonds are the most uncommon style of proposal ring that is very rare to spot. Be it mauve or pink and even aquamarine, these are the rare diamonds which will do wonders for you.

It is assured that if you gift your loved one any of these styles of the ring, the answer is sure to be positive for your proposal question.