Corsets: An Eternel Fashion

Corsets are not a modern day cloth invention but it is being used and is in fashion from 15 century. Female followed this fashion as a religion. It not only makes the waist look slim but it also enhances the bodily features. It narrow downs the waist and enhances the upper body and hip also yet gives the body an hourglass figure.

Commonly used corset materials

  1. Satin: it is one of the most common materials used to make corsets. These corsets are mostly worn under the clothes it will not the corset and will also emphasize the hourglass figure.
  2. Mesh: It is the most soft, light-weighted and breathable fabric. This is best suited in summers. One of the most fun facts about this corset is that it can be worn over the clothes. It gives the body a great shape and does not feel heavy or tight on the body.
  3. Cotton: Well this stuff includes all the good things like comfort, durable and casual. This corset is commonly worn over the dress. Because it is a bit thick so it cannot be used as a under wear.
  4. Brocade: This is the thickest polyester corset mostly used as for stylish purpose and as an accessory.
  5. Leather: This corset is also used over the clothing, it looks quite stylish. Best for the party and other outdoor events.

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Four basic tips to wear corsets according to event and style.

  1. Selection: To select a best corset you have to consider your body first. What kind of figure you have, which style suits you best, what occasion suits what kind of corset.
  2. Layer corsets : These laser Corsets are worn  with a camisole inside it that helps perspiration to absorb and it keeps the body as well as the corset clean
  3. Lacing of the corsets: These corsets are basically used for fashion. Along with fashion it gives the support to the upper body and tightens up the front part. It gives the perfect hour glass shape. To get the best result from it wear it and tighten it up in the middle part of the body to give the body best shape and support.
  4. Care: Corsets need immense care; you just cannot wash it and hang it and then forget about it until u needs it again. Quality of the corsets also varies when it comes to washing and caring.

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