Autonomous vs. Uplift: Choosing the Best Standing Desk

Many working professionals are entering middle age, meaning more physical and mental health concerns fill the minds of these men and women all over the world. As the body ages, it needs more comfort and support at the office, and believe it or not, sitting may be doing more harm than good. Instead of taking an 8 hour sit at a desk for work, many professionals are upgrading to a number of popular standing desks. Many see standing desks as a way to get more time out of the chair and into a better, healthier way to work. Two more popular brands of standing desks are the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 and the Uplift standing desk. Which one is best? Here’s an in-depth review.

Autonomous SmartDesk 2

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is a revolutionary way to change up the office. With the option to sit or stand at the push of a button, any position is perfectly adjustable for every user thanks to the unique electronic mechanism that moves the desk with no handling by the worker. The desk supports up to 300 lbs of weight, and moves itself to the right position. Once found, the user can program 4 positions into the desk’s keypad to ensure the perfect height is only a push away. The variety of SmartDesk 2 products also means every user can have something that fits any budget. A DIY model even allows workers to purchase the high quality Autonomous desk base, and add on an existing desktop or build one from scratch. This offers creative freedom and more room to make the desk personal. So, what about the Uplift desk?

Uplift Standing Desk

The Uplift standing desk is a great option for workers as well. With nearly every feature of the SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous, the Uplift desk offers a similar experience, but with a few differences. The materials in the Uplift desk are a bit less advanced, and mirror more traditional desk designs. Likewise, the price is much higher for an Uplift desk than it is for an Autonomous standing desk.

This is why many choose for the best place to buy a standing desk. Better materials do not have to cost more, and in fact, the Autonomous products that mirror Uplift designs and similar options are much more affordable. Shop today!