An eternal war against time

There is always a war going on. Not a war in the strictest meaning of the term but a war between male and female in every sector there is dissatisfaction among either men or women. This war has come out front in most of the sectors and dissatisfaction is shown in outrageous forms, but when it comes to the skin care products women skincare products are predominant in the market. The products are women-oriented, that is to say that most of the products suit only women skin types. Global brands are also reluctant when it comes to developing new skincare products for men.

Anti-wrinkle serum

Kiehl’s, however, have come forward to change this scenario, that is to say, Kiehl’s has brought a new skincare product Specially made for male counterparts. The newly launched product is Anti-wrinkle serum ( เซรั่มลดริ้วรอย  which is the term in thai) for men and, they have come with different such kinds of skincare products for men as well. As you may know, that male skin is more susceptible to aging and due to the presence of different types of pollutants and specks of dirt and germs that are present around us in the environment. To fill the pores between the skin layers the, cream passes through the skin layers and also moisturizes the skin in the process of doing so and helps in reducing wrinkles on the face itself.

These products are naturally made and organic especially made from natural extracts, so they do not harm your skin in any way and does not give any side effects to your skin as well. The most famous skin care products for men from the house of Kiehl’s are—

  1. Corrective dark spots reducing
  2. Age defender power serum
  3. Powerful strength-line reducing
  4. Age defender moisturizer

So, if you are in Thailand and wants to use any of the above-mentioned skin care products for men just visit Kiehl’s website.