A Simple Guide to Wear Off Shoulder Tops and Dresses

Off-shoulder tops define sophistication and sexiness at the same time. Adorning these tops will need a particular rule to follow. There are different kinds of such tops and dresses available. A classy taste in fashion can be flaunted when you know how to wear a beautiful off-shoulder dress in the most fascinating way. Let us find out what you can do with your tops and dresses.

A Simple Guide to Follow

All you need to ponder upon is to flaunt an off-shoulder dress in the most casual and confident way possible. Showing too much concern will ruin the attire. Here is how you can make it a beautiful ensemble that everyone will admire.

  • Balancing the Look

Choosing off-shoulder dresses is easy but balancing the act is quite difficult. One of the biggest mistakes a girl commits while wielding such dresses is leaving her hair free. If you have gorgeous locks, you need to figure out which dress can pair with it well. For instance, when you decide to wear an off-shoulder full sleeve long top with your favorite jeans, you can go all free. Let the locks flow on your shoulders. When you want to wear a lace off-shoulder short dress, convert your locks into beautiful braids or a bun to look phenomenal. Do jot jam your ensemble unnecessarily with your beautiful hair.

Try to soften the look as much as possible by wearing less makeup and adorning jewelry items. You can go extremely minimal in this ensemble and add more glow to it. Make a messy bun out of your locks and look like a diva.

  • Accessories

Jewelry is one of the most important parts of your ensemble. You will love to wear a necklace with a simple pendant on your off-shoulder top and look simple and beautiful. The main idea of these dresses is to keep it simple as your sexy collarbones will do the rest. These tops look best on ladies with a slender physique adorned by chisel-cut shoulder muscles. You can also for a bold neckpiece and nothing but a pair of ear studs. Avoid heavy jewelry at any cost. You can add a simple choker necklace to this dress. For a classy off-shoulder gown, you will need statement jewelry to look like a celebrity.

  • Lingerie

These days, flaunting an off-shoulder dress has become a lot easier when you have the support from best lingerie items. Wear a strapless bra to hold your girls in position. You don’t want your breasts to sag and make your ensemble look bad. Forget invisible straps and always go for strapless lingerie. Make sure that your strapless bra is comfortable enough.

  • Makeup

Not only your face but your chest and back will need a little touch from your makeup kit. You need to uniform your skin tone and get rid of the blemishes which might ruin the look. Use a concealer to cover blemishes and seek your best friend’s help to apply it on your back. If you have a tattoo on your collarbone area, flaunt it in the best way possible. It is a style statement that will speak loud about your fashion choices.

  • Choosing the Right Color

If your top portion is comparatively heavy, you will need dark colors for creating a silhouette and slimming effect. For ladies with slender figures, they can wear any color they want that suit well with their skin tone. You need to decide whether you want to look cute and feminine or trendy and cool.


Follow these simple tips to adorn off-shoulder tops and dresses in the best way possible.