5 Must Have Baby Products You should always Stock up on

When it comes to stocking your nursery up, you have no idea on how much to equip your nursery with. But here is one fact that is inevitable, you can never have enough of them. Here is a list of must have baby items by Pinki Blue you should always stock up on so that you don’t need to have constant trips to the store for restocking.

  • Diapers

You can expect your baby to pee at least 5 times in a day and poop for 8 to 10 times once in a day. So, you need to have ample diapers in stock. As long as you know the size of the diapers, don’t get more than a packet of newborn size. This is because once your baby hits 10 pounds, they will need size 1 diapers. When using reusable diapers, always have a dozen of them handy, if you are planning to do laundry on a daily basis.

  • Socks

If your dryer loves ruining your socks, know that they’ll love your baby’s socks too. The latter can easily disappear at a shocking rate, not only in the wash, but also when your baby is kicking foot when wheeling them down the sidewalk. Ensure to stock up on them as well.

  • Changing pad covers

During the initial months, you will be surprised by the amount of times your baby will pee or poo even in the mid change. A baby’s soft poop can get all over the place even when you are changing the diaper. If you don’t want to face this on a constant basis, you can also equip a waterproof liner or a cotton baby blanket on top.

  • Burp cloths

You can expect your baby to spit up on a continual basis at least once in every two hour feeding. If you don’t like changing their clothes quite often, then use the burp cloths. There are many designs available to choose from.

  • Onesies

Burp cloths work when you are burping your baby. Then, they will be spitting up all over their onesies the rest of the time. Know that there will also be poops that can reach up their back and leaky diapers as well. So, you can hands down expect to change your baby’s onesie many times a day.

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