5 Best Photo Papers For Ultra-Clear Printing

It isn’t just the quality of the printer and the toner that decides if the document is well suited for professional purposes. The quality of the photo paper is equally important. Cheap quality paper can ruin the image texture and the ink might leak to the other side and worst, the image produced gets blurry in no time. Which is why you should be looking forward to buying high-quality photo papers like the 123ink photo paper for extra brightness. The guide below is a compilation of 5 such photo papers that you can count on.

  1. Premium Photo Paper 50 Sheets, Glossy – Moustache® – 4″ x 6″

Whether looking forward to capturing your wedding on paper or printing pictures for magazine covers or office brochures, there’s nothing better than this glossy photo paper with an ISO brightness of 75. It can support dye ink as well as pigment ink and is compatible with all inkjet printers from maximum major brands. Besides, it is water resistant and smudge-proof.

  1. EPSON S041667 50 Sheets Premium Photo Paper, Glossy, 8.5″ x 11″

This photo paper is an ideal fit for picture frames as well as photo albums. It features a resin coating that makes it water-resistant as well as smudge-proof. This is a bright-white and ultra-clear paper that’s glossy and is compatible with all inkjet printers.

  1. EPSON S041405 50 Sheets Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper, 8.5″ x 11″

This is a professional quality photography paper that offers full compatibility with Dye, UltraChrome, EPSON Archival™, and UltraChrome K3™ ink. Besides, it offers the same luster and brightness for all hues. With a dpi as high as 2880 and 10-mil RC base, this paper is absolutely smudge-proof and completely water-resistant.

  1. HP CR669A 60 Sheets Premium Plus Photo Paper, Glossy, 5″x 7″

This photo paper by HP is much thicker than normal photo papers because it is made up of FSC-certified fiber. Other than being compatible with HP ink printers, it is compatible with inkjet printers from other brands too. It offers multiple benefits including the following.

  • It gets dry quickly
  • It is smudge-proof
  • It is water resistant
  • It is radiant and glossy
  1. HP Q7853A 50 Sheets Advanced Photo Paper, Glossy, 8.5″ x 11″

Carrying the name of HP brand, this photo paper delivers ultimate clarity. It is supported by all inkjet printers and is water resistant too. The pictures do not smudge for years to come when laminated or preserved carefully in glass frames.