3 Easy Yet Fun Ideas To Let Your Children Make The Most Of Their Play Kitchen

You see that your baby is interested in kitchen work a lot. And even if he is not, it’s a good idea to make him interested from the point of view of his overall development.

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So, how can you do that? Here are a few ideas.

1. Tea Party or Picnic

If your kid has a play tea set and/or a tiny baskets and play foods, let her arrange a picnic or tea party. You can buy toys online in Australia from Step2 Direct or check out your favorite online shop.

Suggest her to prepare a guest list which may include her friends as well as toys. Then let her create invites which will again trigger her creativity.

Then guests will come whom she’ll make seated. Then she can pour tea in the play cups from her play kettle and serve toy biscuits in play dishes.

It’s thoroughly amusing to watch your kid being a proud host of the party and welcoming and entertaining her guests, by serving tea and snacks and chatting with them.

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2. Food Shop

If you have brought your kid a lot of play foods, he doesn’t need only to eat or serve them. He can even set a food shop. It’s extremely easy and fun to do.

Just suggest your kid to line up all those foods e.g. vegetables, fruits, fish, cakes, biscuits or pizzas etc. in rows or you line them up for him.

If you are falling short of foods, use or let your child use whatever is available, e.g. paperclips as fish, balls as apples, buttons as chocolates, and so on.

The fun part (for your kid) is price tags. You create them or let him create with your help or independently. Let him set the price. You’ll be amused to see the prices. Don’t try to correct the prices.

Then you should visit the shop as a customer and bargain or pick things for whatever prices and pay the child. You won’t believe but your child will love this part the most.

This will develop and strengthen his mathematics skills in addition to the fun part.

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3. Play Restaurant

You can buy the best kids play kitchen from Step2 Direct; but your little chef doesn’t have to limit the play to cooking in a home kitchen.

She can play a restaurant which you or her friends can visit and order foods which she’ll prepare. Give her a tiny diary and pen or pencil so that she can write down your order, i.e. scribble whatever she wants.

Also, hand her a chit pad from which she can give you the bill.

Then she will hurry towards the kitchen and prepare the dishes you want. Then she’ll arrange them neatly on the toy dishes and serve you.

You should pretend eating them with appreciation and ask her for the bill. She’ll give it and you’ll pay it and tip her too. Your baby chef will thoroughly enjoy all these processes.

You’ll be amazed to see your kid’s creativity when she’ll present an innovative dish out of whatever is available if she can’t make the food you’ve ordered.

Image Courtesy: step2direct.com.au

Trigger your kid’s imagination to play more food-related pretend plays like these and he’ll make the most of his play kitchen.